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Material Affiliation – Be aware that when a product or service is mentioned on this website you need to assume, unless it’s stated otherwise that there could be a connection or partnership of a materialistic nature between the service or product owners and this website. You also need to understand and appreciate that when a recommendation is made by this website’s owners for any of the services and products you see here then it is made in good faith. Recommedations made for any products or services are made because the owner of the website has either researched extensively the services and products or has tried them themselves and can make an honest opinion to the relative merits of such products and services. You need to assume that when products and services are recommended on this website that there may exist a material relationship between the product and services owners and the owners of this website.

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Therefore, despite whether the website’s owner/s are receiving compensation or payment from the service and product owners, you need to understand that a connection or relationship may actually exist between both parties so there is, established or not, the potential for a material connection between services and products owner/s and the owner/s of this website. So be aware that before you decide to purchase any service or product being recommended or promoted on this website that there is the potential for bias from the website’s owner/s due to fact that there will be possible compensation from the services and products owners recommended, reviewed or promoted on this website. It’s advised that prior to purchasing any service or product on any website that you should perform and conduct your own due diligence.

Compensation – The website’s owner/s could receive compensation for reviews, promotions or recommendations made on the services or products on this website. Compensation could come in a variety of ways including money, services or complimentary products and could actually come about even without any action from a visitor to this website. So understand that even if you do buy any recommended service or product on this website it needs to be understood that the website’s owner/s could receive some form of compensation. As an example, if you click on any of this site’s affiliate links and decide to buy one of the recommended services or products then it must be understood that the owner/s of this website could be entitled to some form of owner may receive compensation.

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